"Smile, just imagine how much more beautiful the world will be" F.C


Fiordaliza Charles aka Jolly Dolly was born to write!  She noticed her love for literature at the tender age of eight when she wrote her first poem “I can't speak your language.” inspired  by some of her classmates which teased about the way she pronounced certain English words. With Spanish being her native language, it was difficult for her to adapt to the English language at first and poetry became her main source of expressing herself without boundaries.


Fiordaliza founded "The Poetic Lounge" project as a way to help promote new and upcoming poets that were typically unpublished. This idea soon flourished into a series of poetry and short story anthologies that have thus far helped to showcase 55+ poets and writers. T.P.L provides free promotional services to new and upcoming authors, artist, poets and entertainers worldwide. T.P.L Publications continues to keep its doors opened and provide new authors with publishing services at no out of pocket cost so that each writer could focus on becoming the next success story. And thus far they have kept their promise.  She is also the host of "Good Vibes Only" Podcast as she continues to strive for more positive roles. 

Future Goals

One of her main future goal is to become an advocate for women and children across the world that are suffering in the hands of an abuser. As a "Motivational Speaker" she wants to focus on current sexually abused and domestic violence victims and help them to get out of their current situations and turn their fears into a positive life change. She is confident that she will commit to all of this, once she overcomes the fear of talking in front of a big audience (Laughs)

Shanice - I Love Your Smile (Instrumental Karaoke).mp3

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