I would rather died, a slow death

Then to feel this throbbing pain

This f*up feeling that I can't escape

My heart scrambled as it crumbles

When I heard you say the words Good Bye !!!

It nearly killed me, And so did everything inside

Like a fool, I was on my knees crying over you

I was in denial because, I should of known the truth

I wanted to die, luckily I was unable to hurt myself 

Because, I would of had ended six feet under 

I wish I knew, how to forget about us 

But I see that it's going to be a must

I could say that I'm over you but, I'm NOT 

Maybe, I could pinpoint, where we went wrong

Say it was all my fault and "Men Up"

Will that make you satisfied, huh !

The ball is in your hand, we're back at the park

Will you say a final goodbye?

Will you give give us another try? 

 Will you, cut out my heart?

F.Charles (C) 2016


 I love your smile and your laughter

I am in love with all that you stand for

I admire the way you light up a room 

With your style and grace, just being YOU

I look forward to your embrace 

At any given time of the day

I love to hold you, especially on the dance floor

As we allow the tunes, to take over us

I love your body and It's perfect shape 

Like the one of a strong warrior

When you hold me, heaven open its doors

I get lost looking at your gorgeous face

Every time, I look in to your eyes

My heart skips a beat, I fear losing my sight 

As you look into my eyes, I melt

This love for you, I can't deny

Your hugs, take away the pains

In your arms I feel safe and secured

Tears of JOY escapes down my cheeks

From the love we share that only YOU can bring

It's all about you

F.Charles (c) 2016

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