New T.P.L Projects

We are planning a new edition of "The Poetic Lounge" project using similar format of "The Poetic Lounge" Volumes 1-3. 

The next volume will feature poetry, short stories and love letters. We need poetry that touches the soul and makes you want to fall in love all over again or a love letter dedicated to the person you want in your life, can also be used as a (Secret Admirer) letter or you can send us a short story that describes in details how you fell in-love with your significant other and what makes them the ONE.

We invite you to join us in this project by sending your poetry, a love letter or your special story for consideration. If you are selected we will send you an email and list you as a contributing author on our face book page and the back cover of the paperback. 

You retain the rights to your poetry, letters and your story for other purposes and we will have a onetime right to publish it. Please be sure to include a biographical paragraph like the one below with your poem or story. 

Sample of Biographical Paragraph 

Tee Johansen is 35, Norwegian, married and a computer engineer by education, and writes because he loves to. In addition to writing about electronic publishing, he does a little bit of web design, mulls over antiquated and dilapidated camping stoves and walks the occasional forest path. He reads a lot, fiddles with hammers and screwdrivers once in a while, and generally likes to have his hands occupied.  

Submissions are due now, go !

For additional information or to send us your story, please contact us at:

Please Note: 

* There is no monetary payment for your participation in this project but you will send you a “Free” copy of this book as a PDF or paperback format and you will receive a 50% discount to be used for future book purchases that you may share with your family and friends to use in the shopping cart but to only be used at

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